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What to do when it's raining outside? Halloween is fast approaching so... Make your own Halloween spooky banner with this fun printable DIY project! 
Download your free template and follow the simple steps below to make your own DIY spooky banner! 

Step 1: For this DIY project you will need the template printed a few times on nice white paper, a pair of scissors, some string and some masking tape.
Step 2: Carefully cut out all of the pieces on the template along the edge of the design. Then, cut a piece of string about 2m in length.
Step 3: Using some masking tape, stick the top of the printed characters to the string on the back.
Step 4: You can make your banner as long as you want by printing more of the templates and sticking them on a longer piece of string!
*This DIY is provided by Noodoll
DIY Halloween Noodoll Printable

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